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What is Sublimation Printing; Ultimate Guide and Benefits of 2022

by Wendy

Are you seeking durable printed items with vivid colors and high-resolution quality? The dye sublimation method crafts brilliant, decent, ceaseless images on the best-designed graphic garments, home d├ęcor, and advertising displays of your choice.

Dye-Sublimation Heat is used to transfer color to objects during printing in an effective way. This technique is frequently used when printing high-quality, vivid graphics onto objects without lowering the polyester’s original image resolution.

Now that we know what sublimation printing is, why is it so successful?

In this article, you will get all the information related to sublimation printing in many kinds of garments;

How is it done?

The first step in the procedure is printing the desired image using a dedicated inkjet printer on sublimation transfer paper.

What surfaces can be sublimated?

High-resolution graphics may now be sublimated onto a variety of objects. Thanks to a new image transfer technique for giving us incredible designs and facility to get the garments according to our choice. T-shirts, mousepads, blank baby clothing, mugs, tumblers, socks, and a wide range of other items are all produced as sublimation-ready blanks.

The next question is, what kind of product can modify with this technique? Here is a list of products you can change;

  • Mousepads
  • Mugs
  • Tote Bags
  • Blankets
  • Pet Bowls
  • Banners

Benefits of Sublimation printing

You can read more if you want to know the benefits of this incredible technique. Sublimation printing is very beneficial in the following ways;

Personalized Adaptation

The fact that each garment is printed from a separate transfer rather than being published in bulk on the same set of screens makes it considerably more straightforward and attractive to add unique customization to each printed item, even though there can be art fees associated with this degree of customization.

Lighter Touch

Because of the nature of sublimation, prints never become thick. Except for the insertion of your artwork, the technique leaves the garment untouched or touches it lightly.


A sublimated print doesn’t break; it lasts the entire garment’s lifetime. You can appreciate the exquisite quality and clarity of the player numbers, names, and team colors.

Painting on a Rigid Surface

One of the few techniques that will enable printing on stiff surfaces is this one (mugs, photo slates, plates, clocks, etc.)

Variety of Colors

It provides an infinite variety of colors. Using four-color ink, you may create many variations in color (CMYK). When you add a new color to your design, there is no extra charge. Printing images is an excellent alternative because of this.

Where to Buy Sublimation Blankets?

If you want to buy sublimation printed items, you can visit any online or local platform. For sublimation blankets you can visit Alibaba, the best online shopping retailer. There is an excellent variety of sublimation blankets available


Sublimation is an excellent method for producing prints that are entirely bright, full of color, and incredibly long-lasting. Naturally, the printing technology is what makes the process magical. Designs that are integrated into the fabric become a part of the fabric.

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