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What Do You Need to Make Wood Pellets

by Wendy

Making diy wood pellets will be an impossible task if you do not understand the process or have the suitable materials. This article will guide you on the materials and some of the methods of making wood pellets independently.

The raw materials

Making wood pellets usually starts from raw materials. The raw materials you start with depend on your choice and the availability of funds at the time. You can make the pellets from sawdust. Using sawdust makes the whole process shorter and easier, as you will not need a lot of machining to make the process.

Buying the sawdust will cost you a bit of money. You can also make wood pellets from logs or scraps. These scraps can come from farmers who do not need some felled trees that are useful to you. You can also purchase the scraps, although you will need to order them a while before. The demand for these items is on the increase, so it’s a first-come and serves the system. The process of using scrap is a lot longer and will require more materials.

A chipping material

The chipping material is necessary if you are using logs and scraps to make the wood pellet. This material comes in two sides; one side for the cutting, the other for the cut products. There are levels to the type of wood chipping materials you can purchase. You can choose the ones with a size set to select the size you want. You can also choose the ones that do not have that size setting. That way, you may need to chip the wood more than once to cut.

A hammer mill

Wood pellets can only come into being when you have very fine wood dust. It does not always have to be on the level of sawdust, but at least something close. This is the function of the hammer mill to reduce the sizes to a suitable size.

Vegetable oil

It may be surprising, but you can only make wood pellets when your dust is a bit sticky. Vegetable oil is the standard item used to keep the dust sticky.

Pellet mill and pellet press

This is the final stage of the production of wood pellets. The function of both materials is to make pellets, but the amount is the difference. The pellet mill makes pellets in large quantities, while the press makes smaller quantities.

Resale bags


Making wood pellets may be a daunting task. That is why many people who need the pellets prefer to buy them because the process is long. The value you will, however, pay for the wood pellets will be so much compared to the process of building the pellets. It is a lot cheaper when you make the pellets for yourself. You will get more than enough pellets for your use, and you will sell a lot. When you are about to start, it is a bit capital intensive because you will need to buy quite a lot of materials and machines, as discussed above. However, you will use the same materials and devices for further productions

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