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Start A Side Income By Using Wood Chip Machine

by Wendy

Believe it or not but wood chips that most people consider useless can really make some people earn a lot of money. These wood chips are acquired from natural wood and serve as great business opportunities. There are several industries in the world that demand wood chips. And in order to make wood chips, you need a wood chipping machine or simply wood chip machine. With them, you can earn a lot of money provided you direct your resources and skills in the right direction.

If you’re not clear with how you can start side income with a wood chip machine, this article will teach you exactly what you’re looking for. It’ll elaborate on what a wood chip machine is and what are the types, so you can decide on a suitable business with different machines.

What Are Wood Chip Machines?

The concept of wood chip machines state that the natural wood sources such as wooden logs and tree branches etc. can be chipped to make wood chips of different shapes, sizes, and measurements. The quality of chips depend on the raw wood quality. These wood chips are demanded in several industries but the demand still remains high while the supply remains low. That creates an opening for fresh business enthusiasts to buy a wood chip machine and start making and selling wood chips. Such a business is usually a B2B (Business to Business) and demands some efforts to create some hefty amount of money.

Types Of Wood Chip Machines

Depending on the type of wood chip machine, you can enter take your business in the corresponding sector as follows.

1. Farm Wood Chip Machine

Farm owners demand wood chips in bulk to treat their soil for better productivity. You can sell farm wood chips to farm owners and earn some money. They need these soil management and using them as manure to improve soil fertility.

2. Wood Chip Machine For Home Use

Some people love gardening and that also creates demand for wood chips. Homeowners usually demand less wood chips, but you can always sell them in bulk to home improvement and gardening tools suppliers. These wood chips are used in rock gardens, backyards, and lawns, and sometimes for bonfire and barbecues too.

3. Wood Chip Machines For Energy

Wood chips made out of waste wood is often used in burning to create energy including electrical energy. This way, wood is put to a good use and you can earn a lot of money since waste wood costs almost nothing. You’ll earn a lot of profit here as energy is always at scarcity and the entire world demands wood chips to generate energy.


So, if you’re up for a wood chipping business, you’ll need a wood chipping machinery. And the best place to buy these machines are Alibaba.com where you’ll find a lot of manufacturers offering their machines at competitive prices. These machines are usually made and supplied by Chinese suppliers, who’re known for hardware industry for decades. You can always order a machine and secure your transaction through a Trade Assurance Order, which will also protect you from trade frauds and other scams online. Moreover, you’ll be entitled to Alibaba customer support if needed. Starting a business with these machines demand minimal capital investment and is a good way to start side income since the machines are automatic.

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