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Most Frequent Questions Asked About 5kW Generator

by Wendy

Are you considering purchasing a 5000-watt generator but are unsure what appliances it can power? I have exciting news for you! Our team at Generators has assisted over 600,000 visitors in locating information about generators, and we will assist you as well.

What Kind of Gas Does a Generator Use?

The amount of gas consumed by a generator is determined by numerous factors. These include the type of generator, the type of fuel, and the load. All of this affects how much gas your generator requires to run.

Air Conditioning System

Although you could potentially run a very tiny central AC that is modern and energy efficient, with a 5kW operating watts generator, we would prefer an emergency window AC unit because 5kw generator may have insufficient starting power.

The RV AC unit

In general, a 5kW operating watts generator should be able to power a 15000 BTU RV AC unit without trouble. However, without knowing the exact running and beginning wattage required by your AC unit, answering this question is difficult.


In typically, a refrigerator uses roughly 1200 surge watts at first while the compressor kicks in, then lowers to around 200 operating watts. As you can see, each generator in this post is capable of powering a mid-sized refrigerator.

Does a 5kW generator power a Sump Pump?

Typically, a 5000 operating watt generator should be able to power a modest sump pump (1/2 horsepower) without trouble. However, resolving this question without knowing the exact running and starting watts required by your pump is quite difficult.

Air Compressor.

In general, a 5000 operating watt generator should be able to power a 1 horsepower air compressor without trouble. However, answering this topic is difficult without knowing your air compressor’s exact running and starting wattage.

Best Oil for a 5kW Generator

A 4-stroke engine is typically found in a 5000-watt gasoline generator. If this is the case, you should use either SAE 30 (if you live in a hotter region) or SAE 10W-30 (if you live in a colder environment).

5kW Generator with Amps

In general, a 5000-watt generator produces around 41.6 amps at 120 volts and 20.8 amps at 240 volts. To learn more, consult the owner’s manual for the machine you intend to purchase. Finding out how many amps are in a 5000 operating watt generator is an easy operation.

How Long Does a 5kW Generator Run?

This question does not have a universal answer because each generator has a different fuel consumption and fuel tank capacity. In our experience, a typical 5kW generator runs for about 12 hours at 50% load. This figure is a median obtained after analysing the run time of approximately 30 generators rated at around 5000 operating watts.

Long Running Time

Downtime on a jobsite is the worst thing that can happen because it results in a loss of profit. Every refuelling takes your machine out of commission for a short period of time. As a result, it is critical to obtain a generator that can run for an entire shift without needing to be refueled.

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