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How To Choose The Best Laminating Machine?

by Wendy

Laminating machines are used in several industries that range from stationaries to manufacturing industries. Packaging materials such as cement bags are often laminated while some stationary products use a laminating machine. You might have observed some local stationaries offering laminating service where people come to get their hard-earned college degrees and other important documents laminated so they don’t get ruined by weather and other natural reasons.

So, if you’re trying to buy a laminating machine for your stationary business or laminating your product such as bags, etc. you’ll need to know about some laminating machines and how to buy them. Therefore, this article is an ultimate guide to all those laminating machine buyers out there, who’re clueless about how to buy the best machine.

What Are Laminating Machines?

Laminating machines are small to large machines that can put a layer of protective cover, typically plastic over an item to make it protected from external environment. Some common examples include laminated paper or filling bags that are laminated to increase their strength. For instance, a wheat grain bag or flour bag is usually laminated by the bag manufacturer, so the flour doesn’t leak and the bag remains strong. That’s the beauty of laminating machines.

What To Look While Buying Laminating Machines

There are several factors to look in a laminating machine to buy one that suits your needs and fits your requirements. Below are some of them. It’s assumed that you’re buying a laminating machine for paper lamination.

1. Input Size

If you’re out for buying a laminating machine, always look for the largest paper feed size. The most common laminating machine size is A4 but if you need to laminate larger paper sizes such as A3, A2, or A1, you’ll have to invest more money. These machines will also take up more space.

2. Warm Up And Preheat Speeds

Laminating machines need to be warmed up before putting it to good use. That’s because the laminator laminates a paper through heat, which slightly melts the plastic on the paper and the roller compresses them to let them stick to each other. Melting the plastic demands heating up the laminator. Different laminators come with different warm up and preheat speeds. See which one fits your need.

3. Lamination Speed

Lamination speed is the speed at which the paper goes in, gets laminated, and comes out. This time is calculated after deducting the preheat and warm up time. Most laminators can laminate a couple of pages per minute. The speed is counted by lamination papers per minute (PPM).

4. Quick Jam Release

In case the paper jams midway during lamination, some laminators come with an option to release the jammed paper. This feature also adds to the overall laminator cost. See if you really need such as feature or is it worth investing in.


Now that you’ve understood what features to look for in a laminator, the next thing to do is to buy one. And when it comes to buying laminators, you can go for Alibaba.com where you’ll find great laminators from several Chinese makers .The world now relies on China for technology acquire. Most well-known global brands outsource their technical products from Chinese makers and you can also do so.

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